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Saturday, 3 October 2015

The computer is a nanny, a dictionary

You can also place your digital photos in the internet. With a password and a login name your friends in America can look at your photos without sending them to them.
Another important part is online gaming. You can play with people from all over the world and share your knowledge. In my opinion it’s more exiting to play with friends than playing alone.
Additionally, another big advantage of the internet is the easy access to information. Online reference books and dictionaries replace the way to the bookshop or to the library. It is again cheaper to search for information in the internet than to buy a book, that is old after one year. In the internet a lot of information is renewed and up to date. You can also find information which is very new and a book does not exist yet.
Moreover you can read the daily newspapers from all over the world, sometimes for free. You do not have to buy them anymore. In addition, most newspaper sites have an archive in which you can search for old articles.
However, the internet is also a big “advertising company”. A lot of enterprises have a homepage with ads and support opportunities. On some of them you can order products online. Then you do not have to go to the city anymore. You avoid waiting in front of the cash because of a long queue.
Moreover, you can get the newest stock exchange courses because the stock exchange in the Internet is always the most current one. You also have the ability to tell the computer to buy shares when the course is down.
Besides you can learn with the internet. CBTs (Computer Based Training) already exist but you can also join an internet course with other members.
Furthermore you can hold videoconferences which means that e.g. your teacher is sitting in his office in America and teaching you in Austria.
This is very important in the medical sector because doctors from all over the world can join an operation. So specialists can give tips and help other doctors to complete the operation successfully. The patient has not to wait until a specialist will come from America.
But this is only available because of the internet 2 which is much faster.
The internet is a database full of information and offers us a lot of services, sometimes for free. This makes our life easier and sometimes also cheaper.
All in all I think that the internet is very useful especially for students.
Clicking on the Internet-Button is getting more and more thrilling nowadays. Sometimes it is a real adventure not being sure if you have downloaded a virus or if it is only a hoax. You even cannot be sure to be alone if you are alone. Is there someone else working on my computer or is it only me? To have more security you have to install a firewall, buy anti-virus-programmes and update them regularly. So you have to spend much money only for preventing a virus-caused breakdown or hacker-attacks. It is annoying not being sure if the money you have spent will prevent all those things or if there is already a new virus and a new way hacking into computers. This is no more an investment into security it is a steady consumption which will not end. Some people even have to take up a loan to buy a computer. They are forced to buy one. Otherwise they maybe would not be able to stay in their job. What will the poor people do? They will be rarely informed about news and the space between rich and poor will become bigger and bigger.
Having downloaded the latest anti-virus-program it will not prevent meeting bad people on the internet. If you chat with someone you cannot be sure about the truth of his/her words. Most people cheat emotions, cheat about their appearance, age, job. That can be funny but if you want to meet someone talking to each other seriously it can be hard to do so. Is it a man, is it a woman or is it someone I already know? You never can be sure. Is that something on the other side already hacking into my computer reading personal information? If you get to a web site of a bank – is it a real bank or only a faked one? There have to be some signs which identify an original website reliably. How can I be sure if I want to buy something on the web and send my credit card-number that nobody will read it?
Imagine the following scene: You are surfing through the internet and suddenly – you are just downloading the latest screensaver of Verona Feldbusch – the whole internet breaks down. What would you do? Trying to build your own internet? Worrying about the lack of Verona? Sitting in front of the computer waiting for hours and looking into a black screen? Seriously, what would happen? I think most of the people would wait an hour or longer. Some people would stop existing because they have no real life. They only exist on the internet with their avatars in the chat rooms. They have given up reality for cyberspace. It is more practical for them because they do not need to ask someone to meet someone. The other one is just on the other end. Seriously speaking, I think people would not be glad about having to get out of their rooms. They feel uncomfortable about leaving their beloved computer. They do not know what to do. I think many even do not know any more how a book looks like or a typewriter. Besides losing our social abilities we are also losing our every-day-abilities. The computer is a nanny, a dictionary, an information centre, a job, a shopping centre. Nobody has to know anything about everyday business because the computer does it for us.

Internet user are becoming younger and younger. For children it is no problem to work with a computer. They just accept "him" as partner. But what do the older people do? Some even do not know how to switch the computer on. I know some people who are afraid of the computer. They think everything they do is wrong and the computer is breaking down on purpose. For these people the computer is already too complex. There has to be something like a computer for beginners. Otherwise there will always be some people who do not want to know how to use the computer because there is too much to know about it.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Cooruption In All Over In The World

Today cooruption is almost a world phenomenon.It is,in fact,a universal problem,having existed in all ages.
It has clung to mankind like an incurable disease.In view of its general prevalence scholars have devoted a
good deal of thought and attention to this vice.The true reason for cooruption is a desire to get rich by any means.
In a free and competitive society,investment of capital can yield reasonable returns only in the long run.But
cooruption or acceptance of bribes promises a rapid change in financial conditions.Originally the police and WAPDA
were notorious for cooruption but now the evil has spread to almost every Department of Government.Even courts of
justice and education are no exceptions.Prevalence of cooruption has created disappointment and discontentment
among the community.The machinery of government gets rusted and ceases to work in the intended manner.


Every country has its own local carfts,witch exhibit the taste and colour of its region.pakistan is a country rich in culture.
Carfts were the main source of livelihood for the people of the region,and were handed down from father to son.With the passage of time, the carfts had access to bigger markets and becane more proftable trades.
Som areas have specialized in different carfts, which suplied to different region.for example in the province of panjab different cities have their own specialties.Faslabad specializes in cotton and woven fabrics.Lahoure hass brass items.sialkot specilize in sports.
handicarfts are also a part of the cultural heritage of a country.they represent the culture and traditions of the people.Old skills witch have survived and developed,are the backbone of the cottage industry.these handicarfts,special in kind and unique in shape,are vraelly the pride of a country.


According to a source of, today there are about nine hundreds million people are using the internet on the world. People can use the internet to communicate with the other from all over the world, business can do their work over the internet, and student can take a class online. Internet is allowing people have more conveniences on their live. It is become one of the most important technological innovations in human history. Does the internet always make people to be advantageously? The answer will now be explored.
Here are some major of the internet. One, from the number of television advertisements for internet shopping sites today, we all know that shopping is become a strong enterprise on the internet. By selling items over the internet, companies can save money on employing shop assistants, buying shops and land, administration costs and many other things. The advantage for the shoppers is that the shops are able to sell their goods at lower prices.
However because it is cheaper to run internet sites, a less staff is needed, the workforce suffers. If a company went into the internet, hundreds of jobs would be lost. Another bad factor is that people will not leave their homes to go out shopping, so they will not socialize in or around shops, get need exercise, or help their local economy. Many shopping sites are international so their profits may not be going into your country's economy at all.
Internet is also allowing people to communicate to the other on over the world. According to Donna Hoffman, one survey after another finds that when online user are asked what they do on the Net, "email is always No.1". There are more than six million of users of email on 2005. People use the internet to contact with the other by sending and receiving email and it is possible for them to make more friends from many countries in a chat room. They can talk and see together by using voice chat or webcam. These things make internet is more interesting and convenient.
The workplace is becoming increasing by stressful for many people with longer hours. So, the internet offers an alternative. Some businesses are allowing their employees to work at home for two to four days a week. There are many advantages for people. They don't need to pay for child care. They can take a short break for snacks and relaxation, save money on fuel by avoiding driving to work everyday, start to work when you like, early or late. However this system can also result in people not doing their work at all. They may stay at home and watch TV, don't concentrate on their work. And it is also hard to check or control employees.
Everything has two sides. One is good and one is bad. Internet is the same. However good or bad depend on how people use and control it. People agree that internet always has an important role on a socioeconomic development. And it is one of the most important technological innovations in human abbilitiese.



3G And 4G Technology Invented

Long after India, Bangladesh, Nepal and even Afghanistan introduced the third and fourth generation (3G and 4G) of mobile telecommunications technology, Pakistan has finally followed suit.
The higher transfer rates of 3G and 4G networks trumps the widely used 2G GSM networks by allowing users to have significantly faster internet access, making video phone calls and mobile TV possible. The technology will ensure that browsing YouTube on mobile phones will no longer be akin to viewing a slideshow and this is certainly something to cheer for in a nation of nearly 130 million mobile service subscribers, as revealed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.
The benefits don’t end with entertainment uses. 3G could launch socially useful applications such as e-education, e-medicine and electronic governance which will provide key services to both urban Pakistanis and those living in inaccessible parts of the country. Apart from smart phones, 3G internet can also be used on computers and tablets where broadband isn’t easy available. The benefits are immense, especially for those seeking development in rural locations. It will hopefully have a small snowball effect on the economy as well, where new investment, businesses and jobs will be created as a result. Pakistanis could have had highspeed mobile internet as far back as 2008 which is when the country had 3G capable networks. Perhaps the government wanted to cash in on the upgraded technology by asking mobile network companies such as Warid, Zong, Ufone, Telenor, and Mobilink to bid on licenses that would allow them the right to offer 3G to their respective customers. Despite the many delays over the years the recently concluded 3G/4G auction yielded $1.1 billion. The biggest spender at the auction was Zong, which took home a 1800 MHz 4G license and a 10 MHz 3G license. Following Zong was Mobilink with a 10 MHz 3G, meanwhile Ufone and Telenor both settled for 5 Mhz 3G.
This means that most Pakistani mobile phone users with 3G capable phones should have some form of 3G available to them on their respective networks. While the high-end phones in the country are capable of using both 3G and 4G and medium-ranged phones can handle 3G, most lowend devices are incapable of taking advantage of 3G networks.
Currently the cheapest 3G phone available in Pakistan is priced at around Rs5,000, leaving plenty of room for the introduction of more economical 3G phones. For any customer interested in 3G or 4G, the cost does not end with the device. Mobile network companies are expected to follow similar business models to that of.

Another Free Service Of The Internet

Especially at the business sector knowledge is power. If you are the leader of a product, of a technology or just of an idea you are able to make a lot of money. To get into this position, the Internet can play an essential part. Companies all over the world are online. If you want, it is no problem for you to exchange experiences, you will hear new things, you will see some facts from another point of view. For this reason you will find new solutions, new ways to go, so take this chance!
“Learning by doing”, everybody knows this phrase and its still an essential part concerning the Internet. Children also use the Internet, most of the time they will “play” over the Internet, but they learn to work with the computer. There is only one way to learn something, you have to do it. Even it’s the first contact with the computer, after a few minutes the person will know that the computer-mouse is no animal running on the monitor. He or she learns to write on the keyboard, to navigate, to open and close programs, to save data... within hours. Try to do that on a normal computer course for beginners, you will need more time and the most important fact, it’s not as funny as surfing on the Internet and so they participants are less motivated.
Let’s change over to another positive effect of the Internet.
In any case, everybody’s private situation is different. For many women their own children are the main reason for staying at home. Nowadays this won’t be a problem any more, you can do work on your computer at home, called tele-working. Also men take this opportunity to work at home. What are the consequences, the advantages of tele-working? Sure, if you have a family, you can spend more time at home, probably you can spend more time with your children. Next is, that you can organize every day in the way you want to. Meetings at the company are reduced to a minimum. Tele-working is also an advantage for the owner of the company. Official studies substantiate that people who work at home are more motivated than their colleagues at the office. .
You see, the Internet is really a very positive medium. Use the Internet and discover the advantages of this new, forward-looking medium!
Another advantage of the internet is that you can join a community.
You can create new social contacts all over the world, which you could not do so easy without the internet.
Such communities can also help people who can not go out to find friends in the real life because they are disabled. Therefore they can chat with other people via the internet. Sometimes it is also easier for people, who are afraid to look into the other’s face while talking, to chat with a person that they do not know. There is something between them which makes it easier for them to communicate. It also does not matter if you have a terrible appearance because you can pretend to be whatever you want. You can also change your gender and your age to talk about topics which you do not normally do.
However, there are no time and place limitations and there are no boundaries, both geographical and political. You can chat with people in Australia and you have freedom of your mind in a way.
Moreover the internet is much cheaper than the real life, e.g. phoning a friend in Australia costs more than to chat with him.
From my point of view the e-mail has replaced the traditional letter. You do not have to buy stamps anymore and it is much faster and also for free. You can also add files to your E-mail and that’s why a big data transfer is possible. Therefore you do not have to send disks with information around the world anymore and you have your information in a digital way.
Another free service of the internet is sending SMS. You can save a lot of money if you do not send it with your mobile phone especially from Austria to America. You also have the opportunity to register as a user. Then you can use more things, e.g. sending E-postcards, I-messages (messages between registered users), and lead an address book.