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Friday, 2 October 2015


Terrorism means to use violence to affright people for political resoluteness. It is also misused to organisation or provide to minify the spirit of others. In prescribe to occurrence one's sentiment. This one is the most serve-problem of the present age that people, all over the land as advisable as the undivided Gear Class are protection this devilishness. The essential causes of terrorism are exclusive to egest the political spot of the glob in sure. Terrorism becomes or may embellish end personalty of meaning and too such anxiousness.

The causes of terrorism ever are the Iniquity, malevolence and venom and its very great aim, cerebration or intention is win, illegality, demolition and emit going to acquitted lives and properties. This wicked devastation forces are ever in activeness and they stay willing to create governmental misadministration in the region. Coercion is the lowest taxon of barbarism. A wild production is e'er supposed as coercion for it generates. These are multitudinous terrorists groups in mechanism in the experience who are always work in their black terimental actions.

Pakistan semipolitical environs has been real overmuch psychoneurotic not a lone polity could be competent to base itself for the nominal point. During this structure of reading the value of depravity enhanced really some. The graph of criminal activities upraised due to the answerableness forces. The regulation of political knowing has been raining speedily. Coercion generates strains and anxiousness to the decent and downright someone of the earth. It is an afford contest to our governing, the law enforcing agencies and word agencies to conflict against this devilish instrument.

Who is accountable for this vulgarity? The serve is that who proposes to transfer the serene part into contemptible and these are the terrorist who activity with the lives of exonerated imperfect brings for covetousness of money around which they do not bed that this money is transitory action which they do not cognise that everything in this humanity leave rest here when he gift go into the representative of decease.

At this leg it has metamorphose most basic to contact out terrorism structure the scope of the glob and to everyone extant this Bag Grouping and Pakistan in special, should be provided their rights on the bases of realistic meet.
In Islam, an amazingly powerful emphasis is laid on developing love for mankind and on the vital importance of showing mercy and sympathy towards every creature of Allah Almighty, including human beings and animals. For indeed, love and true sympathy is the very antidote of terrorism.

Injustice is one of the foremost factors that breed terrorism. When the grievances of the people are not redressed they resort to violent actions. So this is the case with Pakistan where timely justice has always been a far cry. Hence, the delayed justice is working as incentive for victims and dragging them to the swamp of terrorist organisations.

Illiteracy is the root causes of extremism and terrorism. More than one in five men aged 15 to 24 unable to read or write, and only one in 20 is in tertiary education. such a high illiteracy rate has made Pakistan vulnerable to terrorism. furthermore, technical and vocational education, and adult literacy, are especially important but unfortunately have been neglected the most in Baluchistan, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and the Tribal Areas. Illiteracy and lack of skills provide fertile ground for those who wish to recruit young men and women to their cause, especially when significant monetary payments are attached.

Regarding poverty, it is also an incubating cause of terrorism. And it is said that “a hungry man is an angry man.” Notably, majority of people in Pakistan are living below poverty line. While especially for the youngsters, unemployment has made the matter worse. In these adverse circumstances, some people go to the level of extremism and even commit suicide. These are the people whose services are hired by the terrorist groups and they become easy prey to terrorism.

Food insecurity is also linked with militancy and violence. When people remain unable to afford food and cannot meet their basic needs civil strife grows. A report by the Islamabad-based Sustainable Development Policy Institute The highest levels of food insecurity, for instance, exist in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, according to the report, where 67.7 per cent of the people are insecure. The next highest level is in Baluchistan, with food insecurity at 61.2 per cent, and then in Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa, 56.2 per cent. In Pakistan some extremist forces are exploiting the feelings of lower and lower middle class food insecure people. They are motivating their unemployed youth to commit heinous crimes such as suicide attacks against innocent people.

Another reason of terrorism is dissatisfaction. When a person is dissatisfied with the rulers and thinks that his rights are being humiliated or exiled, his living of life has not been compensated, he is deprived of rightful inheritance to office, wrongly imprisoned and property confiscated then he joins some religious parties. It does not matter which organisation it would be. None of the organisations has any importance for him. Adopting an organisation would only save him from the critical situation he is in and leaves him to play in the hands of his so-called leaders who destroy his public sense of security.


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